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Celebrity Moms Gift Baskets

Chaacoca’s products were recently promoted by Backstage Bags at an event for Hollywood moms. The recipients of the 2011 June edition Celebrity Mothers Gift Baskets include: Jessica Alba, Amy Adams, Mario Lopez, Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Hudson, Jillian Barberie, Natalie Portman, Christina Applegate, Pink, Mathew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Kourtney Kardashian, Baby Couture, and OK Magazine.


Going Natural

“As usual, many companies claim to have organic and natural products but when you know how to read a label you find out that the products are not that natural at all.
Of all the acclaimed Moroccan and natural products, I was most impressed with Bahia Tazi’s line Chaacoca. Miss Bahia is from Morocco and she offers the real stuff they use in her country. The same high quality Black soap made from olives that we offer in the NappShop as well as the pure Argan Oil and the Rhassoul Clay.”



“The fashion industry is experiencing a green explosion, from models becoming conscious of what they sell and wear, to photographers experimenting with ultra-energy efficient LED lighting, to clothing designers going through great length to assure fair trade working conditions and the sustainability of their fabrics. There is a green revolution going on in the trades. Today it’s the professional makeup artist’s turn to come to the green party” Chaacoca has been identified as a company that is working to meet the needs of hair and skin care professional make-up artists wanting to green their kits.



Chaacoca is a distinctive, new company offering sensual hair and skin product lines with a Moroccan flair including authentic handcrafted Moroccan packaging, exotic fragrances, and its flagship ingredient organic Moroccan Argan oil. Chaacoca is devoted to high quality products, organic ingredients, ethical production standards, and a luxurious total body experience.
Chaacoca is storming the skin and hair care scene in style. While showing at International Beauty Show (IBS) in New York March 2011, Chaacoca created a buzz in the organics and natural products world receiving rave reviews from Drs Mireille Liong at going natural social network, and GreenMUA.com of LU magazine. Since the trade show Chaacoca has been contacted by show attendees amazed with the performance of its Argan oil products, and they are asking for more.